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Amy Kates

New Operating Models: What the HR Professional Needs to Know about Organization Design


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Amy Kates is co-founder of Kates Kesler Organization Consulting and a Managing Director at Accenture. She is a specialist in operating models and organization design. Amy is the author of five of the leading books in the field of organization with Greg Kesler and Jay Galbraith. 

The organization design approach and tools she has developed with her colleagues have become the standard design methodology around the world. LinkedIn selected her to produce their organization design video series for their learning platform. In addition to her consulting work, Amy teaches organization design in the Executive MBA program at the DTU School of Business in Denmark and through Cornell University.

Amy began her career as an Urban Fellow with New York City. She has a master’s degree from Cornell University and lives in NYC.

Join us at 3rd HR Week, Nov 22-26 2021.