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Mladjan Jovanovic

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Declared optimist with strong intention to stay (Covid 19) negative. As such, this is the way of how I connect with people and how I think work can get done. Not easy way, but more Human way. In the period of almost 20 years, with the majority of them in corporations, only one thing is certain.

There will always be more work. We decide how to approach work and what kind of Resources (personal/professional or company) we need to take or give to achieve the agreed goal.

Regardless of where you work, Belgrade, Senta, Pecinci, Ugrinovci, regardless of industry (retail, banking, consulting, manufacturing, IT services, logistic), regardless of the company size (200-15.000 employees) or you work for yourself, regardless if you are officer or leader, Experience I obtained in working with people shaped me in person who I am today.

Join us at 3rd HR Week, Nov 22-26 2021.