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Rovin Pulikken

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Rovin Pulikken joined Tektronix in September of 2016 leading the Engineering Team in India. He is currently working as Vice President of Software Engineering based in Bangalore, India. 

Rovin started his career with Startups in Bangalore India as a Software Engineer in 1996. He worked with multiple startups and a consulting firm during the first 9 years of his career. During this period he worked in India, US and Europe. He primary worked in CRM, Web development and Wireless standards (2G and 3G). He worked as Software engineer, Architect and Technical Manager in the RnD Teams. In addition to Engineering he gained valuable experience in M&A and Business Strategy. 

Rovin then moved to worked  as an Engineering Leader with Technology majors such as Intel (in the Graphics Chipset Group) and Nokia, Renesas and Broadcom (Via acquisition – Nokia and). In Nokia Rovin was heading the Modem protocol Stack groups in India and in Broadcom Rovin was Director of Modem Firmware Groups across all Radio Access Technologies (2G, 3G and LTE). In addition he was also the local site leader and was in the key group  in acquisitions of Nokia Wireless modem group by Renesas and then by Broadcom. Rovin then moved to Wipro where he was responsible for starting the Connectivity group that was responsible for all connectivity standards (low and long range) and IOT Security.

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